Wednesday, January 7, 2009

So here we are on the dawn of 2009 where many a Canadian artist (new and aspiring) are not merely ushering in the New Year with new hope, but steady maintaining that grind which secures you a place top-o-mind with music hungry audiences across Canada and world-wide. The sound emanating from north of the 49th parallel is most definitely distinct, colourful and chalk full of lyrics fueled with the hunger to prove to the world
WE ROCK THIS! From Hip Hop to R&B, Reggae to Soul - Canada has always demonstrated it is more than capable of creating hits that speak to our experiences and national pride; (that is what has always drawn me in... OUR music).
Over the years, many people have linked me to playing Canadian content in the clubs and on radio as a DJ, but with MAPL Mix - I'm going to take a personal leap merging my two worlds of expertise... journalism and deejaying. I'll be devoted to developing a foundation that not only allows me to play quality homegrown music, but thoroughly cover the artists and industry through a journalistic view point. This is my introduction.

Artist, producers and event promoters across the country can interact with me via email: